Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson to travel with business delegation to London

Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson will be travelling to London this week as part of a $100,000 business mission with local green technology and creative companies.


Should Mayor Gregor Robertson head a trade mission to London or march in the Pride parade?

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March in the parade 50%
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Neither 25%
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Robertson will take part in the delegation with more than 25 local companies, with the goal of recruiting investment from the U.K and other businesses gathering in London during the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

“My focus is all on business, and making sure we can attract jobs and investment back to Vancouver, and use the London games as a marketplace that we can access,” the mayor told reporters outside of Vancouver City Hall today (August 1).

The trip will cost the mayor’s office about $10,000, and another $90,000 will be covered by the Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC). The companies participating in the mission will each be paying their own travel and accommodation expenses.

Robertson said the city’s focus is on the creative industries, including digital media and digital effects, and on the green economy and clean technology companies.

“Those are the two sectors where there’s the most interest from off-shore companies moving to Vancouver to locate, investors looking at Vancouver businesses to invest in,” he said.

The mayor’s office said Robertson and his chief of staff Mike Magee will not be attending any Olympic events while in London, and are sharing a hotel room to keep costs down. Other municipal officials travelling to London include city manager Penny Ballem.

The VEC will be partnering with the federal government to use Canada House in London as a venue for business meetings and for hosting events.

Companies participating in the London business mission, which takes place August 3rd and 4th, are: Allscenes Media, Disney, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Brightlight Pictures, Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital, Corvus Energy, Fenix Energy, Waste to Energy Canada, Goldtooth Creative Agency, Incognito Software Inc., Layer 7 Technologies, Ostara, Overinteractive Media, PNI Digital Media, Recombo, Reunion Pictures, SMART Pics, StratusCore Inc., StructureCraft Builders Inc., TradableBits Media Inc., TSO Logic Inc., Wyley Interactive, Xomo Digital, Fraser Milner Casgrain, LLP, and Spectrum HR Law LLP.

Other B.C. organizations taking part in the mission including B.C. Film and Media, the University of British Columbia, and the B.C. Technology Industry Association.

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Just Wondering
Does he have a mwember of his family in the olympics or was this designed just so they could all attend on our dime?
Rating: -8
Evil Eye
Oink, oink ....the piggies are at the trough!
Rating: -1
Once again taxpayers money used for Cooperate Agendas.

I'm outraged. R U?
Rating: -3
LOL, WOW last i read and heard about the UK are on the brink of finacial collaspe !!!!! Ya, i would be looking to do deals right now over there and maybe swing in and catch an event or 2 while i'm there !!!!! shucks I'm saving the taxpayers money !!!!!! LOL
Rating: +12
Chris S
Ah, the "gift" that keeps on giving...our "green" mayor and staff going to the not very green Games on our dime, increasing carbon emissions to promote, guess what?, more growth and developer profits. Vision Vancouver and this mayor are such jokes.
Rating: +5
Of course the VEC (Vancouver Economic Commission) is also funded by City Hall. In reality the $90,000 coming from VEC is really coming via money approved by Council...
Rating: -4
People Power
"...mayor’s office about $10,000, and another $90,000 will be covered by the Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC)." Taxpayers pay the mayor's office budget. And isn't most of VEC's budget from the City of Vancouver? If so, taxpayers are paying for that portion too.
Rating: -3
Emily Cat
Chris, please let me know how you came to the conclusion that the 2012 London Olympics are not very green. From what I have read these games feature some of the most sustainable features yet. See for example:
Rating: +14
Chris S
Carbon emissions due to massive construction, carbon due to increased travel, destruction of wetlands for venues...etc. Remember, these are not essential capital projects designed to increase mass transit in general or provide more sustainable housing. Rather, venues that may or may not be used in the future (and almost for sure not by most Londoners), a Village that will benefit the well off, not those who used to live in the area. "Green" Olympics are a myth, a buzz word used to salve public concerns about growth and development. It is much the same spin as that coming from the tar sands and the claims of "ethical oil".
Rating: -9
Rating: +4
Somebody with Ebola or Sars should walk thru City Councillors meetings to clear out the crap that is wasting taxpayers money.
Rating: +7
Robert w.
Lies and more lies. What a boondoggle. But Vancouverites knew what they were getting when they re-elected this clown.
Rating: +9
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