Should B.C. hold a provincewide referendum on the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project?

Which of these should be chosen as Vancouver’s city bird?

Should the City of Vancouver fine investors who buy new homes and leave them empty?

Should Downtown Vancouver be made a free transit zone?

Should B.C. Speaker Linda Reid resign over her expense scandal?

Do you think the $7,500 ticket price of TED2014 is justified?

Should a liquefied natural gas plant be built in Squamish?

Yes 22%
42 votes
No 71%
138 votes
Don't know 8%
15 votes

Was trading away Roberto Luongo the right move for the Canucks?

Yes 21%
50 votes
No 28%
65 votes
Who cares? 51%
118 votes

How do you feel about anti-pipeline graffiti?

Like 26%
38 votes
Dislike 61%
89 votes
Don't care 13%
19 votes

What was the best Team Canada men's hockey squad?

Olympic gold medallists in 2014 56%
75 votes
Olympic gold medallists in 2010 9%
12 votes
Olympic gold medallists in 2002 9%
12 votes
Canada Cup winner in 1987 16%
21 votes
Summit Series winner in 1972 11%
15 votes