Should municipal political parties publicly disclose financial donations on a website within a week of them being received?

Should two new woodlots be established on Gambier Island?

Would you like to see a ward system in your municipality?

Would you like to see Vancouver hold a plebiscite on Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain expansion project?

Should people tweet the locations of transit fare checks?

Are you happy about happy hour coming to B.C.?

Do you wear a helmet when riding a bicycle?

Always 66%
84 votes
Sometimes 11%
14 votes
Never 23%
29 votes

What do you think of the federal government's decision on the Enbridge pipeline?

Agree 11%
24 votes
Disagree 88%
192 votes
Don't care 1%
2 votes

Should teacher education programs include a mandatory course on gender in the classroom?

Yes 42%
69 votes
No 48%
78 votes
Maybe 10%
17 votes

Do you want to see Vancouver declared a genetically-engineered free zone?

Yes 58%
132 votes
No 37%
84 votes
Undecided 5%
11 votes