Should TransLink offer more early morning SkyTrain service?

Are you surprised that BCTF and BCPSEA have reached a tentative deal?

Do you think the B.C. government will legislate teachers back to work?

Do you plan to buy a 3-D printer in the next five years?

Yes 20%
35 votes
No 64%
110 votes
Unsure 16%
28 votes

Will painted queue lines improve your 99 B-Line experience?

Yes 37%
36 votes
No 37%
36 votes
Huh? 26%
25 votes

Do you support CP Rail's move to dismantle gardens in the Arbutus corridor?

Yes 39%
138 votes
No 61%
218 votes

Should adult women have the same legal right as adult men to go top-free in public?

Yes 88%
398 votes
No 12%
52 votes

Should SkyTrain have onboard attendants?

Yes 41%
26 votes
No 45%
29 votes
Don't know 14%
9 votes

Should municipal political parties publicly disclose financial donations on a website within a week of them being received?

Yes 89%
91 votes
No 11%
11 votes

Should two new woodlots be established on Gambier Island?

Yes 30%
14 votes
No 49%
23 votes
Don't know 21%
10 votes