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Welcome to another issue of the Georgia Straight.
This week, the Straight's online and print editions feature Robert Lepage and his hit solo show, Far Side of the Moon; plus worldly doughnuts, Halloween style, and Vancouver bands sound off on their favourite spooky tunes.

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Robert Lepage's journey to the Far Side of the Moon
Theatre artist reflects on the loss, and the washing-machine door, that launched a beloved play; plus his growing ties to Vancouver.
/ Arts

Downtown Eastside sergeant Kalwinder Dosanjh aims to build community rapport
A veteran Vancouver police officer says he can only succeed if he builds bridges with people living in the city's poorest neighbourhood.
/ News

From Lucky's Doughnuts to Chinese fritters, doughnuts make the world go 'round in Vancouver
The display case at Lucky's Doughnuts makes you want to order a dozen and ravenously consume all of them in one sitting.
/ Dining

The costume possibilities at Millennium are virtually endless
The former lead singer of the Black Halos has no shortage of ideas—and furthermore, he's more than willing to share them with anyone who's within earshot.
/ Style

Vancouver musicians serve up sonic treats for Halloween
Vancouver indie musicians talk about their favourite Fright Night costumes and the songs that get them doing the Monster Mash.
/ Music

Being human in Cloud Atlas
Cloud Atlas is a film unlike any other, and it will go down in history as a tremendous Hollywood risk that either paid off considerably or didn't.
/ Movies


Things to do

Music Halloween at the Waldorf
Waldorf Hotel
Sports Vancouver Giants vs. Victoria Royals
Pacific Coliseum
Movies Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
Rio Theatre
Theatre The Number 14
Waterfront Theatre
To Nov
Et Cetera Parade of Lost Souls Festival
various Vancouver venues


Comment of the Week

Re: "Impacts of food poverty highlighted by B.C. welfare challenge participants"

Never mind how much welfare money goes to tobacco, alcohol, taxis, and junk food! Do you think just because you are on welfare you should be deprived of the addictions of the rest of the population? They still don't get enough to eat, healthy foods, and use public transportation (if available)! [read story]
> Submitted by Lorraine Dick, 2012-10-24 11:24



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Take a peek inside the new La Pentola della Quercia in Yaletown's Opus Hotel

British kids freak out when shown Paranormal Activity 4 by mistake

Amanda Palmer and Richard O'Brien do the "Time Warp" in London

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