Self Love: Why narcissists are oblivious to the pain they inflict on others


Welcome to another issue of the Georgia Straight. This week, the Straight's online and print editions feature a healthy living section that looks at narcissism, male fertility, a yoga protest, and helping kids with cancer; plus Sarah Polley, Aszure Barton, La Boheme, and more. Don't forget to check out for daily news and views on everything Vancouver.

Healthy living: narcissists, male fertility, yoga protests, and more
Our special health section examines why narcissists are oblivious to the pain they inflict on others; plus, male fertility, a yoga protest, media coverage of a high-profile suicide, and a campaign to help kids with cancer.
/ Lifestyle

B.C. Liberals gain new blood with Suzanne Anton and other nomination candidates
About a year after Suzanne Anton launched her mayoral bid with the Non-Partisan Association, the former city councillor is in a tough fight for a B.C. Liberal nomination.
/ News

High tea is served with a raw vegan twist at Indigo Food Café in Vancouver
At this cozy Kitsilano eatery, you can taste practically everything on the menu in one sitting by ordering the high tea.
/ Dining

La Bohème's star baritone Etienne Dupuis has fun amid tragedy
To understand rising baritone Etienne Dupuis's approach to opera, it helps to know about one of his favourite gigs.
/ Arts

Failure gave Adam Cohen impetus to make the best music of his life
Adam Cohen nearly failed in his ambition to become a successful singer-songwriter—but not, he notes, because of the daunting legacy of his famous father.
/ Music

Sarah Polley's Stories We Tell is a family affair
Every family has its sustaining myths, although those that Sarah Polley grew up with were shakier than many.
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Music David Byrne & St. Vincent Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts Oct. 20, 2012
Sports Vancouver Giants vs. Calgary Hitmen Pacific Coliseum Oct. 20, 2012
Movies Reel Recovery Film Festival District 319 Oct. 19-20, 2012
Theatre All the Way Home Queen Elizabeth Theatre To Jan. 14, 2012
Et Cetera UBC Farm Harvest Festival UBC Farm Oct. 20, 2012


Comment of the Week

Re: "Fazeela Jiwa: "Bullying" is too vague when we're dealing with sexism and misogyny"

Excellent Article! Rarely has one come across mention of the fracturing of culture you describe in mainstream media. The methods used to alienate, isolate, divide and polarize groups of people among ethnic/ religious lines are complex and take a long time to create. A steady diet of negative archetypes is required to be "fed" to people to create new paradigms; as compared to what society was in the 1950's. The social paradigms now are more consistent with what is seen in feudal societies in the past. [read story]
> Submitted by Michele Baillie, 2012-10-16 21:23



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