A mass-produced, accessible, affordable, and most importantly reliable fuel-cell vehicle remains a kind of automotive Holy Grail.
Cadillac has been on the receiving end of significant—and relevant—research and development over the past few years.
Like BMW’s Mini, Fiat rolled out a revamped 500 that corrects its previous flaws, boasts fuel efficiency, and is a pleasure to drive.
Canadians haven’t been buying hybrids as much as Americans do but the Lexus CT200h may give consumers reasons to reconsider.
Visit any city in Europe or Asia and you’ll find yourself inundated by scooters.
There’s more to this one than a nice drive train.
There’s no question: battery-powered cars are gaining in popularity.
Forty-four electric cars were on display at the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association’s 2014 ElectraFest show and shine.
If you’re looking for tough-to-find items or just cruising for a car, eBay Motors is hard to beat.
Ford, Kia, Honda, Hyundai, and others are churning out a range of nicely executed hybrid models in all shapes and sizes, some of which are challenging the almighty Prius.