Hitting the refresh or repeat button in a significant way, Mercury tours retrograde to February 11.
Remember to maintain an objective viewpoint, stay open to exploring, think outside the box, and don’t discount a thing until you’ve given it the test of time.
Mars enters Pisces on Monday. For the next six weeks, it urges you to rise above, to aspire higher, and to surrender to the process of “be here now".
Hello, 2015! The year opens with a major kickoff from Mars in opposition to Jupiter.
May the holidays inspire, encourage, and bless you. Peace to all.
Although a new moon usually produces a quieter go, we’re heading into a full-on weekend.
Sun/Jupiter is a mobilizing influence. It sets the big wheels in motion and goes the distance.
Here comes a full-moon weekend. Socialize, shop, party, or enjoy outdoor or indoor sports.
Luck and synchronicity are on your side.