From here, we launch into the “light of day” portion of the three-week retrograde cycle.
It’s all about the balancing act, about finding the happy medium, about regaining our equilibrium.
If you get stalled or stymied, don’t expect to be for long.
Pay close attention to what’s going on around you and inside you.
We’ve witnessed more action and more opportunity since Mars entered Sagittarius last weekend.
At any moment, something could strike a match or switch your track.
There’s fixing, healing, and work to do.
Friday’s sun opposite Neptune sets an ideal backdrop for an escape or romantic weekend, but it can also keep the guesswork and uncertainty going.
Thursday’s stars are well put-together, so seize your advantage and communicate, problem-solve, or set a plan in motion.
This is a happy-making, heartwarming, success-generating combination.