For advertising information about the Georgia Straight and contact:

Vancouver Free Press Publishing Corp.
1635 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6J 1W9


Display sales (604) 730-7020


DEADLINES: Booking & Copy

  • Distribution day is Thursday
  • Ad booking deadline is 3 pm Monday prior to publication
  • Ad copy and artwork must be submitted by 5 pm Monday. This includes all digital material (via e-mail, FTP, or disk) requiring modification and/or output
  • For advertisers requiring proofs, copy and artwork must be submitted by 3 pm Friday
  • Corrections deadline is 12 pm Tuesday
  • Early deadlines apply for statutory holidays. Ask your advertising representative for details.
  • Rates are net.
  • Digital materials may be sent to


  1. Click on the Start button, click Run 
  2. Type in in area beside Open, click OK 
  3. When prompted with a Username and Password, enter the information shown below: 
    User name: guestclients
    Password: guest 
  4. It is then possible to simply copy and paste your artwork files into Windows Explorer to be collected and used by the Production department.