Fashion Flu Masks fight SARS and frumpiness at the same time

Who says that if a pandemic strikes, you have to go frumpy in the name of health? Heaven forbid.

If it's SARS season, now you too can fight the virus and stay in style with the latest fashion trend: Fashion Flu Masks! (This entry comes courtesy of our Web progammer and in-house fashion expert Mike Cantelon.)

They're apparently covered in shimmery fabrics and some even have sequins. Sure they're attractive designs, but how functional are they? And how healthy is it to be breathing that closely to dyed materials? Is it style over substance?

They even have styles for different subcultures, including one for goths, and a David Bowie mask for all you space oddities who want to stay in fa-fa-fa-fashion. And check out the God Bless America mask that looks like someone chewed up the American flag and puked it up again. Cool.

Anyhow, better snap one up before J. Lo or Posh buy the lot. Well heck, as fellow editor Amanda Growe pointed out, they're actually really gaudy. I'm sure stars'll start designing their own and selling them for their own name brand lines (because stars are blind). I'm sure all the supermodels will be wearing them on the runways.

Strike a pose!