Is the civic workers strike exacerbating the gap between rich and poor in Vancouver?

Ian Robertson
NPA park board chair

"No, not at all.”¦It is affecting everyone right across the board. There are lots of people that rely on those services. Specifically, seniors right across the city, whether they are on a lower income or retiring comfortably, all rely on those services in those community centres as a place to drop in and meet and talk with other people."

Lan Tung
Founder of the Juno-nominated Orchid Ensemble

"Of course. If people can have garbage collected by private companies, people who have money can get by. They can exercise at private clubs. The city stinks, with garbage everywhere and the flies, and there may not be such an impact for the rich people."

Raymond Louie
Vision Vancouver councillor and former union official

"Clearly, there is less opportunity for people with less money to find alternate services that are usually much more expensive when they are provided by the private sector.”¦Overall, it has not been a good exercise for the city to go through."

Tim Louis
Former COPE councillor

"If you've got financial resources and your community-centre programs are cancelled, you simply enroll in a private program or you drive to a neighbouring municipality. If you are unable to do that, and the local community centre or the local library is your living room”¦it has a very significant impact on your life."