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      Name: Laura Martinjak

      Store: Save-On-Foods, Southpoint Exchange (3033 152nd Street, Surrey)

      Items: Bagged veggies, Earthbound Farm organic spring mix

      Where it’s headed: To make a stir-fry with either chicken or tofu, to go over either rice or noodles, before she heads off to her son’s hockey game.

      To drink: “We drink a lot of water.”

      Never buys: Pop, and “anything with hydrogenated oils”.

      Guilty pleasures: “Chocolate and potato chips, but only ones with no trans fats.”

      Childhood favourites: “I love making lasagna, and I have always really enjoyed tofu.”

      On grocery shopping: “I don’t come here on Sundays because it’s always too busy; I prefer to go when it’s quiet.”