It's Jill!

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      Ever try to meet people in Vancouver? You'll have better luck getting Matt Cooke to drop the gloves than you will convincing someone to talk to you in a bar. So there you stand, wondering, "Who are all those people I see every time I go to a show?" You're too shy to ask, so we do it for you.

      WHO ARE YOU? "Jill Templeton"

      IN MY 9-TO-5 LIFE I'M A: "Fourth-level wizard."

      IF YOU'RE BUYING, I'LL HAVE: "A gin and tonic. Bombay [Sapphire], to be exact. And let's make it a double."

      THE BEST SHOW I EVER SAW WAS: "There are many, but I would have to say the Pixies a few years back at the University of Calgary, for classic reasons."

      I WISH PEOPLE WOULD SHUT UP ABOUT: "The garbage strike. In my opinion, it's the best thing that has ever happened to this city! I love waking up every day to piles of garbage everywhere I look, don't you? Not to mention the wonderful aroma it gives off. Mmmmm, I live for it!"

      THE LAST CONCERT T-SHIRT I BOUGHT WAS: "Zombie Ghost Train, because they were sooooo damn cute! The show was at Pat's Pub at the end of August. They're from Australia and it was a deadly show."

      IN THE MOVIE OF MY LIFE, I'D BE PLAYED BY: "Bette Midler. Not Beaches Midler but Drowning Mona Midler. Only because she's a crazy bitch."

      WHAT GETS YOU BUZZIN', CUZZIN? "A big, stiff one. Refer to Question 3, please."