Who dressed you?

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      There's no point going out unless your fellow Vancouverites are looking your way. We scour the bars for the clubbers whose superior sense of style get heads turning.

      WHO: Daevina Danyluck, 32, from Vancouver. Works as a costumer in film.

      SPOTTED: Friday at the Lotus Sound Lounge.

      WHY HER: At first I thought it was too obvious to profile a goth for the Halloween issue of the Straight, but as my lovely assistant pointed out, "You see the Easter Bunny, you expect a chocolate egg." So we made our way to the basement club on the border of Scaryland for Sanctuary Fridays. What set Danyluck apart from the gloomy goths was that she resembled a 1940s Hollywood starlet gone bad. Plus she was cool. And charming. And wearing a colour.

      WHO DRESSED YOU? Don't even bother to ask: the woman designs her own corsets, for God's sake. The black Victorian version she was wearing tonight was the real thing, made out of steel boning (check out her stuff at www3.telus.net/vintagevampclothier/ ). Danyluck glued rhinestones to the top of her red bra to match. Her black-with-red-pinstripes PVC jacket is good old Lip Service, and the red-rose necklace is a gift from a friend. Danyluck's black PVC pencil skirt is also Lip Service. That's over a pair of hot red fishnets and a pair of red glitter Dolly Mary Jane heels. Bonus points for the tiny red-glitter pistol Danyluck pulled out of her purse. Her look? "Gothabilly." Does she wear PVC on the job? "No, because I don't think any of the boys would get any work done."