This Is Forever by She Wants Revenge

This Is Forever (Geffen)

Give the guys in She Wants Revenge credit for sticking to their guns. Justin Warfield and Adam 12's latest effort deviates little from the formula established on last year's self-titled debut. It even has the same cover art, although this year's model is wearing a black tank top and panties instead of an all-white ensemble. Oh, and she's holding a black rose behind her back instead of a large kitchen knife presumably she got revenge. All of the other She Wants Revenge signatures are intact, including dead-simple drum-machine beats and postpunk guitar lines, topped with dark-wave keyboards and Warfield's voice-of-doom drone. As usual, the lyrics are full of blood-red lips, whispered secrets, last dances, and all manner of other things that any Depeche Mode fan could appreciate.

The troublesome Interpol comparisons that dogged She Wants Revenge last time around don't really apply anymore. If the California-based duo has changed anything, it has upped the dance ante. "What I Want" even breaks into a disco-synth section straight out of Saturday Night Fever. Like everything else these guys do, it's cheesy and slightly embarrassing, but more fun than it has any right to be.

So, is This Is Forever any good? Well, it depends on your definition of good. If you're hoping for a collection of timeless songs that will stand with the year's best, look elsewhere. If, on the other hand, you just want to paint your fingernails black and mope around in your living room where no one can judge you, She Wants Revenge has your guilty-pleasure needs covered.

Link: She Wants Revenge official site