Robert Pickton verdict: low-track killing fields remain ripe for harm

As everyone knows, the verdict is in regarding the trial of Robert William Pickton.

As expected, there is a media circus and as anticipated, raw emotions are being expressed and unfortunate comments in the process are being made.

And the displays I have witnessed on the news coverage made me turn off my television.

To frame this horrendous issue of missing and murdered sex trade workers--most of whom struggled to survive on the mean streets of the Downtown Eastside/Oldtown area--we must continue to talk about how as a society we must collectively share blame.

We must share the blame for the impacts and harm that beefell the numerous Pickton victims and all other women and men who remain alone, unprotected on the dark deserted streets of the isolated industrial area.

We must not shy away from this glaring fact. The low-track killing fields remain ripe and easy pickings for the ilk of those like Pickton.

What kind of a society produces the likes of a Willie Pickton and others of his ilk? This is a question that should remain on everyone's conscience.

Today though is a day that we struggle to remain connected as a society. And this huge blight on
Vancouver's reputation must bring us closer together. Only then can we move forward to eradicate violence.

We must push aside blame and work to find solutions to the conditions which lead women and men to engage in survival sex. Further, we must come to grips on how we protect those involved in the survival sex trade.

My heartfelt sympathy goes out to all citizens of society as we all share in the nightmare that has
played out before us. I know the Pickton case and the unsolved missing and murdered sex trade workers affects us all.

Justice will only come when we act to erase poverty, homelessness, child and youth exploitation, abuse, hate, and oppression.



Matthew Mulholland

Dec 12, 2007 at 3:21pm

Wow, what conceited, self-important humans we are! We stand high on our soapboxes and horrified at the scope & brutality of the Pickton murders call out for an end to the bloodshed and pass on our simpathy to the mourners! Yet how many self-righteous HUMANS will feel guilt or even consider that they are accomplices to countless brutal murders at Pickton’s hands as they COOK & EAT his helpless victims with there daily fried eggs! And just before anyone regurgitates the standard blinkered retort, let me just point out that Pickton believed his actions were sanctioned by God as he quoted the bible! Oops perhaps we are more similar to Willy than we cair to think! For goodness sake don’t turn around and look into the dark depths of a mirror, you might not find who you were looking for! There is more murder going on here than human murder. I don't belive compassion or solutions can be selective. You want to be a fab HUMAN include animals in that last statement!