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      Whether it's to beat the cold, break the ice, or just add that extra ounce of holiday cheer to your step, December always provides a reason to grab your grandpa's medicine. Office-party mistletoe not doing the trick? Brave the winter elements and head out for one of the following drinks, suggested by the bartenders who lovingly pour them.

      Kayin Fields, Canvas Lounge

      The drink: Impression Sunrise

      Word from the bartender: "It's two different pear liqueurs, one ounce of Captain Morgan's spiced rum, ginger syrup, squeezed orange juice, and muddled ginger. It's served in a stemless martini glass. We can definitely move some of those across the wood."

      Ian McTavish, Capones Restaurant & Live Jazz Club

      The drink: Mediterranean Mojito

      Word from the bartender: "It's Mount Gay rum, Cinzano Orancio, soda, mint, lime, basil, and orange dust. People love mojitos, naturally. They like it because with us being a Mediterranean concept, it's just our own little twist on it, of course, with oranges and basil."

      Amanda Collins, Shenanigans

      The drink: Porn Star shooter

      Word from the bartender: "The Porn Star shooters are always our bestseller on the weekends. It's blue curaí§ao, raspberry sour, layered in a shot glass, [and] dropped into 7-Up. They're just delicious. They taste great, don't make you sick at all, look pretty, and have got a great name."

      Kye Melchert, Sanafir

      The drink: Mumbai

      Word from the bartender: "We have a martini called the Mumbai, and it's done with Ginger of the Indies liqueur, vodka, fresh-muddled lime, and curry leaves. Everything's muddled, shaken hard, then served straight up in a martini glass, and garnished with some curry leaves.”¦It's a nice, spicy, peppery kind of flavour, which is complemented by the lime very well.”¦It's a little taste of India in a glass."

      Jason Hale, GoldFish Pacific Kitchen

      The drink: Kaffir Lime Mojito

      Word from the bartender: "The one we're probably putting out the most of is a Kaffir Lime Mojito. And it's just a bit of a twist on the classic mojito. We take kaffir lime leaves and steep them into [the sugar] so you get a really citrusy, simple sugar at the end of the day, and we put two ounces of that in, two ounces white rum, some limes, and some mint, muddle it all together, shake that up, and serve it tall."