Vancouver ranks 27th on list of great cities

Vancouver's civic leaders like to think of their city as the most livable on the planet.

However, a new survey by the Independent, a British newspaper, placed Vancouver 27th, sandwiched between Copenhagen (26) and Delhi (28).

The survey examined research on population, financial markets, tourism, whether or not the city had hosted the Olympics, the arts, transportation, and other variables.

Each city was given points for each category, and London, England came out on top. The next nine in order were New York, Paris, Tokyo, Chicago, Madrid, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Rome, and Mexico City.

Vancouver's transit system scored three points, whereas London's scored six, and New York's and Paris's scored five.

The bottom five on the list of 60 cities were Beirut (60), Addis Ababa (59), Nairobi (58), Riyadh (57), and Colombo (56).