”˜I will wear a kilt’ to Robbie Burns dinner, Coun. Raymond McLouie promises Gung Haggis Fat Choy organizer Todd Wong

Few people have seen perennially-spiffy Vancouver councillor Raymond Louie in anything other than his fine line of light summer suits.

That is set to change at the upcoming 10th anniversary celebration of Gung Haggis Fat Choy, where the two-term Vision Vancouver councillor has promised to wear a kilt. Gung Haggis organizer Todd Wong (a.k.a. Toddish McWong) told the Georgia Straight he wanted to "see Raymond Louie in a kilt" for event, which marks Chinese New Year and Robbie Burns Day with a blend of Chinese and Scottish traditions.

"I’m looking to the last 10 years and looking to some of the best stories and performances and am trying to capture that flavour and trying to bring that through," Wong said. "I have been trying for years to get Coun. Raymond Louie in a kilt. Wouldn’t it be fun to see him in a kilt? He can wear the Vancouver tartan. Raymond has just e-mailed me and has asked to be seated at the Vision Vancouver clan table for the dinner on Sunday [January 27]."

Louie confirmed he will be at the event, called the Robbie Burns Chinese New Year Dinner, at the Floata Seafood Restaurant (400–180 Keefer Street), adding: "I will wear a kilt."

The Straight pointed out that Louie is rarely seen in anything but a suit. Louie moshed to D.O.A.’s anthem "General Strike" during a fundraiser for mayoral candidate Jim Green at the Lamplighter in 2005. But he had his suit on at the time.

Only at a Bike Month breakfast at Granville Square in June 2007 did Louie opt in favour of his favourite racing-bike attire.

"That leaves it open though," Louie quipped about the upcoming dinner. "I could still wear a shirt and tie up top."

Louie did not reveal where he would acquire a kilt and what would be worn underneath.

Wong, also a librarian, has a dizzying array of entertainment planned for the Gung Haggis Fat Choy event. He said it was "excellent" that Louie was going for the kilt look.