Actor Heath Ledger reported to be found dead

Heartbreaking news today.

There are reports all over the internet that talented actor Heath Ledger (Brokeback Mountain) has been found dead in an NYC apartment.

For a star on the rise, it's incredibly unfortunate that we will never get to see him explore his talents to his fullest.

His death reminds me of River Phoenix, another extremely talented young actor who died before he could truly show the world the full scope of his capabilities.

But we are lucky to have been able to see Ledger in Brokeback Mountain. His role in the film showcased his considerable talent, and his willingness to take risks. The role was certainly a landmark in the portrayal of gay men in mainstream entertainment, and the film's success certainly owed a lot to his performance.

Here is a report from CTV.

Here's a more detailed article from the New York Times.

The last interview we ran with Ledger was in November of last year for the film I'm Not There.

Extremely shocking, and tragic.

RIP, Mr. Ledger.

The world will miss you.