Wikis for anarchists and media watchdogs

Earlier, I posted a blog about Indopedia, the Indian version of Wikipedia.

But there are also other Wiki encyclopedias for other social groups.

Anarchists can unite from around the world at Anarchopedia and share their collective knowledge. It's available in a variety of languages too, including en franí§ais, Indonesian, and Russian.

It is designed for various social communities and interests, such as the LGBT community, feminism, and ecology.

Media watch dogs, on the other hand, can contribute and pool their expertise at Source Watch, a project of the Center for Media and Democracy.

It's designed to focus on entries on "public agenda, including activist groups and government agencies but especially public relations firms, front groups, industry-friendly experts and think tanks that try to manipulate public opinion".

In solidarity! Fight the power! Shake your angry e-fist at the sky!