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      Ever try to meet people in Vancouver? You’ll have better luck convincing the Hiltons that Paris is the only fuck-up in the family than you will getting someone to talk to you in a bar. So there you stand, wondering, “Who are all these people I see every time I go to a show?” You’re too shy to ask, so we do it for you.

      Who are you? “DentoR.”

      In my 9-to-5 life I’m: “Recuperating.”

      If you're buyiing, I'll have: “Whatever you’re buyin’, dollface! Or a R & B Red Devil, dude!”

      The best show I ever saw was: “James Brown at the Queen E. He was backed by a 26-piece band with a drummer who played like his balls would be cut off if he missed even one beat.”

      The last concert T-shirt I bought was: “At the North West Metal Fest last summer in Mission, because I knew I wouldn’t remember any of it!”

      In the movie of my life I’d be played by: “Bruce Campbell. I’d want him to play me so that I would be associated with his stoic manliness!”

      But it will be filmed in sexicolor? “I’m playing a lead role in Screaming Chicken’s presentation of Orgy of the Dead in March. I have a nagging feeling that I’ve been typecast, though.”




      Feb 22, 2008 at 12:47pm

      Wow! I had no idea I could touch my own toes like that! hey hey!!