Rihanna + Klaxons: "Umbrella"

Okay, can we just impose a moratorium on cover versions of "Umbrella" now? It was kind of fun when Mandy Moore did it, but by the time the Manic Street Preachers got around to it, the whole thing was just sad, sad, sad. On the other hand, if anyone has a right to reinvent "Umbrella", it's Rihanna herself. She did exactly that when she performed it with Klaxons at the recent Brit Awards.

That was cool! Why, it was almost good enough to make me want to hear the song again!



John Lucas

Feb 22, 2008 at 11:18pm

The original video got pulled from YouTube, so I had to replace it with this one. Unfortunately, it's quite out of sync... but you get the idea, right?