DJ Lowdown: Max Ulis

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      One of the city’s first and leading proponents of British grime and dubstep, producer Max Ulis is pointing the local scene toward its cosmopolitan destiny. Ulis and fellow B.C. beatmakers Taal Mala, Phowa, and Self Evident form SUB OSC, the production crew responsible for a mildly demonic remix of Future Sound of London’s “Stakker Humanoid” on Britain’s Jumpin’ and Pumpin’ label. Ulis is also a charter member of the Lighta! collective, the troupe of bass scientists behind some of the best underground parties the city’s seen since the 1990s. To experience the sensory impact of a Lighta! show, check out its Dubforms 7 event this Friday (March 7) at Open Studios (252 East 1st Avenue), where Ulis and friends will be running roughshod over sensibility and decorum.

      FIRST GIG “1997 at the Lotus for Jay Auto [Automatic Tuesdays drum ’n’ bass]. It was really early in the night; I think two of my friends were there, and Jay has probably forgotten all about it.”

      BEST GIG “Tag-teaming with [British grime producer] Skream on the Beach at Shambhala last year, drunk off our tits. God bless you, Stella Artois.”

      RECORD THAT NEVER LEAVES YOUR BOX “Various Productions’ ”˜Hater’. It’s the perfect vocal tune to play following a massive onslaught of bass, and because [of the line], ”˜I am a sinner, never said anything else.’ ”

      FAVOURITE LOCAL PRODUCER “This is way too hard. There is so much talent here, but if I had to pick, Self Evident. He makes every style, and you will be seeing a lot more of him.”

      WHAT’S SO GREAT ABOUT LIGHTA!? “Lighta! is a family. We all have different styles, tastes, and personalities. At our nights, you can listen to several different tempos and genres, and that’s what makes our shows special.”

      WHAT MAKES THE VANCOUVER SCENE SPECIAL? “Diversity. I like that I can go out and see people from all musical backgrounds getting down, though I would like to see more racial diversity at shows. But Vancouver is only a baby; this will come in time.”