Ask Your Bartender

With crocuses popping up all over the city, you’ve officially been served notice that it’s time to get out of your apartment and welcome in the spring. A great way to do that is by getting liquored up, which you can do by hitting the clubs and asking for one of the following drinks, recommended by the people who lovingly pour them.

Josh Jenkins, Biltmore Cabaret
The drink: Chocolate Cake Shooter
Word from the bartender: “Usually I get annoyed by people asking what’s good. I prefer it if people know what they want to drink when they come up to the bar. But this is vodka, Frangelico, and sugared lemon. Everybody likes it-it’s clean, refreshing, and tasty.”

Rose Bhardwaj, Capones
The drink: Princess B
Word from the bartender: “My favourite on our cocktail list is the Princess B, which has Effen vodka, Grand Marnier, sparkling wine, and a splash of strawberry syrup. It’s a nice, crisp, full-flavoured drink that’s sweet without being overpoweringly sweet. The Grand Marnier adds a hint of orange, and when strawberries are in season we also do a little sliced-strawberry garnish on it.”

Judi Hall, Amber Jack’s Tap House
The drink: Amber Jack’s Shooter
Word from the bartender: “Yukon Jack and banana liqueur. It’s got a little bit of a kick to it, but a nice flavour that people seem to like. We sell a lot of them.”

Trevor Hawson, Heist Lounge
The drink: Bloodbank
Word from the bartender: “This one is quite special. It’s with Red Bull, cranberry, vodka, and Southern Comfort. People love the name of it, and the flavour really is good because everyone loves Red Bull.”

Jeff Ogden, Balthazar Hideaway
The drink: Rainbow Martini
Word from the bartender: “It starts off with Malibu and pineapple, and then you drop blue Cointreau and red Alizé in. It turns out to be a three-layered martini with three sweet flavours to it. The women love the colours-because there are three distinct colours, it’s an easy sell visually. Also, it’s sweet, but not like licking a sugar stick.”