Can we consume our way to a better planet?

Mobina Jaffer
Senator, born in Uganda

“I don’t think we can buy [our way to a better planet], but we can share. Campaigns like this offer short-term solutions, and they’re not sustainable. They replace some of the work the media should be doing in raising awareness.”¦It would be great if we could use this ability to get our government to send substantial money to Africa.”

Gibril Koroma
Editor, Patriotic Vanguard

“[Africans are excluded from this because] a lot still live on less than $1 a day. They can’t afford it! But for North Americans, I fully support it. I think P?&?G and the other groups are doing something really good for Africa. I would, however, prefer something like goods4girls, because corporations will always try to make money.”

Deanna Duke

“I think we can. It just really depends on the program. The way P & G is going about it, they’re ensuring a future market by hooking them on a disposable product.”¦There’s a lot of products out there that are supposed to benefit the environment, but there’s also a lot of greenwashing.”¦Sometimes it’s better if you don’t buy anything at all.”

Suzanne Siemens
Co-owner, Lunapads

“I think we can consume responsibly to a better world.”¦The testimonials we see on our Web site have women saying, ”˜I feel better about myself now [that I’m using reusable pads].’ So buying things can change how we feel about ourselves. When we buy natural products, we’re choosing something good for everyone involved.”