Creative takes on advertising global warming awareness

While Vancouver's recent snow flurries may make it seem like we're going through cooling moreso than global warming, the weird weather patterns are certainly indicative that we are all being affected.

While naysayers are one obstacle to taking action on global warming, another problem is desensitization to the issue from overexposure or repetition.

Here are some inventive takes on presenting the global warming awareness message in a more creative way.

This first one I had to include to fulfill the Cancon quota. It includes Stephen Harper, and even a mention of Vancouver.

The Blue Man Group can certainly come up with some creative ideas when they put their blue heads together.

This next one is like an animated kid's book. Though I'm not sure if kids would get the right message...

Here's a more serious one that looks at things from a different point of view.

And finally, a sarcastic last word...



Travis Lupick

Mar 31, 2008 at 10:11am

<p>This morning (March 31), the <a target="_blank" href=" reported</a> that Al Gore unveiled a $300 million advertising campaign aimed at raising awareness around global warming. The initiative's stated aim is to force the issue into U.S. presidential debates before the election in November.</p>