Stephen Quinn's CBC Quiz: Georgia Straight version

This morning, CBC news reporter Stephen Quinn had some fun at my expense over one of my blog postings on April 1.

The CBC Early Edition did an April Fools' prank with Senator Larry Campbell (who happens to be a golfing buddy of the host, Rick Cluff). Campbell got on the air and announced he was running for mayor.

I've always trusted CBC, so I took it to be legitimate, and posted something on this blog.

I changed it after I didn't hear the story on the news—that's when I knew I was had.

Quinn highlighted this for his listeners this morning during his Thursday "Quinn's Quiz" segment. It made me laugh.

Senator Campbell has a sufficiently large ego that it didn't entirely surprise me that he would want to be mayor.

Frank magazine recently reported on his dismal attendance record in the Senate, which caused me to speculate that Campbell is probably getting tired of flying back and forth from Ottawa.

Mind you, as mayor, Campbell had a pretty dismal attendance record at committee meetings too, so playing hookey shouldn't be mistaken for a lack of interest in a high-paying job.

But the headline on this post is "Quinn's Quiz: the Georgia Straight version".

So with no further ado, here's the quiz. Whoever provides correct answers first on this blog to two of the three questions will get a Georgia Straight mug.

Question one: Why is it that Stephen Quinn, as one of the smartest reporters in the province, doesn't focus more attention on issues and less attention on palace court politics that really has no impact on average people?

answer one: Because that might force Stephen to lose his sense of humour sometimes.

answer two: Stephen's wife works at the Globe and Mail, and it might get her in trouble if the brass knew that Quinn was talking about poverty on the eve of the Olympics—which the parent company, CTVglobemedia, has invested so much money in by buying broadcast rights from the International Olympic Committee.

answer three: Because Stephen is actually a very conservative fellow who holds people with addictions or without jobs in contempt.

Question two: Why doesn't Stephen Quinn do more stories about people of different ethnic backgrounds who are in lower income brackets?

answer one: Because Stephen's Cantonese and Punjabi are pretty rusty these days.

answer two: Because Stephen prefers the company of Wally Oppal to the company of farmworkers.

answer three: Because Stephen prefers the company of any cabinet minister or judge to the company of farmworkers...and hey, he once did a story about the minimum wage during a Think Vancouver series.

Question three: Why isn't Stephen Quinn a full-time host on CBC Radio when he's clearly one of the brightest bulbs in the building?

answer one: Because his name is Stephen Quinn.

answer two: Because Stephen's Cantonese and Punjabi are pretty rusty these days.

answer three: Because Stephen has a "y" chromosome.