TransLink ads "frustrating"

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      According to light-rail advocate Malcolm Johnston, any transit authority that encourages people to do anything but take transit in the age of high gas prices is “incompetent”.

      What has the Delta-based Light Rail Committee cofounder fuming is a series of TransLink ads on transit vehicles that encourage people to carpool, telecommute, and cycle. The ads encourage the use of a ride-share project-the Jack Bell Foundation program-but are not encouraging people to use transit.





      May 22, 2008 at 12:12pm

      The 'transit' problem is more serious than anyone thinks; despite a now over $5.5 billion spent on SkyTrain (not including RAV), transit ridership has only kept pace with population growth. For over 15 years, ridership on the public transit system has stagnated at 11%!

      Translink has failed to provide a viable public transport system. The likes of Susan Anton (another NPA windbag); Dale Parker (Campbell's porker feeding off the public trough); Cheeying Ho (another planning windbag) and Derek Corrigan (Burnaby's sniper), have not a clue about how to provide good and affordable public transport, nor do they want to. They do not like hearing the truth.

      Vancouver is following a very expensive 'metro & bus' transit philosophy, where one builds a super expensive, showcase metro and fill it with bus passengers (Hint RAV). Sadly metro & bus has proven too expensive and unworkable; if one doesn't like to take a bus, one will not take it to the metro. SkyTrain has proven this because TransLink has failed to show a modal shift (car to transit).

      What does work is the light rail philosophy, where there is a tram (streetcar) network that can service multiple destinations, with a seamless (no-transfer) journey. Even in the USA, the LRT way of doing things has now become standard with major cities. Why? Because it works.

      Vancouver's inept transit policies may look nice on paper, but don't work and will not work and the real person responsible for this mess is Premier Gordon Campbell and the rest of his cronies.


      May 23, 2008 at 3:33pm

      A quick look at the translink corporate directors will reveal that the last time any of those people were on a bus for anything more than a photo-op, was most likely the day before they turned sixteen.

      Why aren't committed and passionate people like Jen Efting sitting on this board of directors? Why isn't translink REPRESENTATIVE of its ridership? Why isn't translink ACCOUNTABLE to anyone? Put the PUBLIC back in public transit.

      Why does the single user private automobile (aka "three empty seats") continue to be subsidised while public transit is starved through the justifications of corporate "principles" (as if there were anything principled about the Corporation)?

      These are the questions the Straight needs to ask. But I guess the full page advertising that translink buys supersedes public interest journalism.


      May 24, 2008 at 6:39am

      Otto.......don't blame the car driver because the transit system is so abysmal that the car is the only way to go. Please remember that it was and is the high cost of SkyTrain construction and operation that lead directly to the massive Gateway highways and bridging construction program.

      Buses fail to attract new riders and SkyTrain light-metro is little better as 80% of SkyTrain's ridership comes from buses. The lack of any intelligence at TransLink and a Marie Antoinette "eat cake" attitude (if we can't afford better transit, lets spend billions on a SkyTrain Evergreen Line or a Broadway SkyTrain subway) of Campbell's hand picked 'porkers' sitting on TransLink's Board has left the region with a transit 'black-hole' where hundreds of millions of dollars annually disappear with little result. Hence the 'ad' campaign; "don't take the bus."

      TransLink is so inept, it could not even plan for an outhouse, let alone understand its function.


      May 25, 2008 at 3:44pm

      Blah! Blah! Blah!! Take the bus...

      Translink is responsible for many roads as well, not just transit. My car gets my family and I around. And, at less cost than translink.

      I go to work and pay taxes for roads and transit and everything. I pay for everything we have. So if I use the shitty roads that we all paid for, too bad!!

      Translink is ignoring the roads and bridges and tunnels. When everyone is driving electric cars, what will you BuS Riders bitch about then????