New seats at Pacific Cinémathí¨que

Pacific Cinémathí¨que regulars who have sat through marathon screenings of the four-part War and Peace or who regularly attend double bills will be pleased to know that the theatre is benefiting from new seats.

General manager Amber Rowell said by phone that the seats were donated by Leonard Schein of Fifth Avenue Cinemas and installed on April 18. There’s now greater comfort, extra leg room, and cup holders.

Rowell posted an Internet ad to get rid of the theatre’s old seats, and within 24 hours they were taken by theatres in Burnaby, Balmoral, Prince Rupert, and the Gulf Islands.

Rowell said that, over the next year, in addition to website revisions, there will be a new marquee. “And things are going to change in terms of our patron’s cinema experience. We really want to make it a night out for them.”