Peter Ladner beats Sam Sullivan in NPA race

Vancouver NPA councillor Peter Ladner has defeated Mayor Sam Sullivan for their party's 2008 mayoral nomination.

Since Peter Ladner’s June 8 win over Sam Sullivan, the Straight has run several commentaries on the NPA mayoral nomination.

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Two-term city councillor Ladner collected 1,066 votes compared to 986 for Sullivan, who was first elected to council in 1993.

"I'm very philosophical about it," Sullivan said, noting that he is "respectful" of the democratic process.

The contest was held at the Marriott Pinnacle Vancouver Hotel -- a location that probably favoured Ladner's chances.

The NPA will hold a nomination meeting in September to choose up to five more candidates for city council. Sullivan, who was elected mayor in 2005, can choose to seek a party nomination for council at that time.