Baker Twins break stereotypes with native American women’s calendar

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      Buying a new calendar for 2008 is still on my to-do list. With only 191 days left in the year, I figure it’s best to get a head start on 2009, so the release of a 16-month BT Girls Native American Women’s Calendar puts an end to my woes.

      Cocreators Shannon and Shauna Baker, better known as the The Baker Twins, put it together as a way of celebrating the beauty and talent (hence BT Girls) of First Nations women across Canada and Washington State.

      The calendar is a personal reflection of the twins’ own history and background as aboriginal women who have built successful modelling and acting careers. According to a media release, the girls were quoted as wanting to put an end to the westernized view of First Nations people.

      “Many people do not know that many First Nations people are successful doctors, lawyers, teachers, actors, welders, nurses, singers, models, etc.” Shannon said. “In the media, there is almost no portrayal of First Nations people living in the present day. The world needs to stop stereotyping First Nations people and start showing this through the media, and that is what we are doing with this calendar.”

      Each month displays one of the 12 women, all from different tribes, in a photo shoot with the Baker twins. A peek at the calendar reveals not only some beautiful women but also a very creative way of using up all those Straights lying around my house.

      Wearing a strapless mini multi-layered dress made entirely of 21 different Georgia Straight newspapers, model Nettie Longee is featured in the month of May with a Baker Twins original design.

      For more information about the Baker twins, as well as how to purchase the calendar, visit the girls’ website.



      Shaquinna Rinna Perron

      Nov 10, 2009 at 8:32pm

      Hello There, Shannon, and Shauna, how are you ladies doing? I'm hoping my e-mail finds you in good health and also in good spirits.
      My name is Shaquinna I'm a 11 years old. I'm Squamish, German mixed from my mom, and my dad is Ojibwa, I love to sing dance acked, I seen you on APTN and you girls looked great. I got wishing and hoping.
      to be in the same place. cant find an agent,, so I was hoping you can help me. I love school and i work hard I go to dance school. I love my traditional spirit dancing. I hope you can send me any sugestions and I'm on my dads computer and his e-mail is
      god bless you both and hope to hear from you soon.