Tegan and Sara donate $15,000 to scholarship fund

Eagle-eyed Tegan and Sara fans may have noticed a dedication on the duo’s 2007 album The Con to Burt Harris.

A highly respected music lawyer, Harris worked with Canadian-born sisters Tegan and Sara Quin when they first entered the industry, and served on the board of directors for the Pacific Music Industry Association.

Harris’s death from cancer in 2006 has prompted the Music B.C. Charitable Foundation to create the Burt Harris Memorial Scholarship Fund, designed to “award music education scholarships to needy students for private and institutional music programs”. Music B.C. has just announced that Tegan and Sara have donated $15,000 to the fund.

The duo raised the cash through sales of a CD called The Con Demos, which was limited to 1,500 copies and was only sold at concerts.

Music B.C.’s Amanda Schweers told the Straight, “They were thinking that they wanted to donate all the proceeds to a charity, and then they saw how ours was in the name of Burt. So they called us just before they left for their U.S. tour, and said, ”˜Hey, we’re gonna do this.’ ”