Free speechers call for CanWest to drop suit

The Seriously Free Speech Committee congratulates you for being the only commercial media in Canada to report on CanWest’s bullying of activists who support Palestinian rights and oppose the continued Israeli occupation [“CanWest huffs and puffs; free speech burns”, July 17-24].

The SFSC from the beginning has had two main purposes: first to act as a defence committee for Mordecai Briemberg, and, second, to defend the right to political parody.

Gordon Murray and Carol Moiseiwitsch have accepted their sole responsibility for producing the parody of the Vancouver Sun and its bias in favour of Israel. They confirm what the committee and Mordecai Briemberg have said from the beginning: namely, that he had nothing to do with the parody’s conception and production. Nonetheless, the basic situation remains unchanged.

SFSC calls for CanWest to drop its suit against Mordecai Briemberg. It has now been confirmed that he had nothing to do with producing the parody. CanWest should also drop the suit against Carol Moiseiwitsch and Gordon Murray because everyone has a right to produce political parody.

The SFSC will defend all three and continues to wonder why the rest of our “free” media hides on this issue. It is astonishing that a lawsuit between Canada’s dominant media corporation and prominent local political activists is not covered. This is what fear and chill look like.

> Brian Campbell / CoChair, Seriously Free Speech Committee