Fans weigh in on Judas Priest's Vancouver performance

Iconic U.K. metal gods Judas Priest were at General Motors Place on July 24th, 2008. Here's what a sample of the crowd had to say:

Claude Ranville
Age 47
"It brought me back to the seventies. It was my first concert in 25 years. I wasn’t disappointed; they’re a really good group. I was really surprised – I enjoyed myself"

Jason Morley
Age 25
"I thought it was awesome. I saw them the last two nights in a row; I saw them in Victoria too. They’re one of my favourite bands. That’s the fifth time I’ve seen them in the last four years. I could see them still doing it 10 years from now."

wendythirteen, runs the Cobalt
Age 43
"I needed a little more old-school. I saw the 1983 or ’84 Screaming for Vengeance Tour and it was all old-school back then. Their new things, I haven’t listened to it enough times to have it grow on me, for it to become an anthem."

Renee Jacobs
Age 31
"It was awesome. It was my first time and they were fantastic, very entertaining, very rocking, and in it. It was great."