David Duchovny honours the Georgia Straight and Mr. Baldnutz

While our city and province were busy honouring the X-Files's Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz, one of the stars of The X-Files: I Want to Believe was busy honouring our own newspaper.

David Duchovny has asserted many a time that he really does love Vancouver. And as the Straight's Lyndsey Krezanoski discovered, his love for the city was clear this morning when he cohosted Live With Regis and Kelly this morning (Friday, July 25).

He seems to love the city so much, he had to even mention the Mr. Baldnutz ad he had seen in the hallowed pages of the Georgia Straight. The reference is around the 4:55 mark.

Mr. Baldnutz has an ad in the Gay Adult Services category of the Classifieds section.

Hmm, does make you wonder why he was looking through the personal ads though?

The truth really is out there.