Suzanne Anton beats Spencer Herbert to bike committee

Both NPA councillor Suzanne Anton and COPE park board commissioner Spencer Herbert ride their bikes regularly.

However, when it comes to their attendance at the monthly meetings of the city’s bicycle advisory committee, Anton is smoking Herbert 4–1 this year. Anton and Herbert are the council and park board liaisons, respectively, on the committee. The attendance count is based on the monthly minutes posted on the City of Vancouver Web site.

Herbert and Anton also serve as liaisons with the Vancouver heritage commission, where Anton once again holds sway 9–4.

Both rode their bikes for two hours in the Halloween 2005 Critical Mass bike ride, after the Straight invited several politicians to attend the month-end bike ride as part of a story on their plans for the Burrard Bridge. The pair outlasted several fellow cycling politicians, including councillors Heather Deal and Peter Ladner, as well as former COPE councillor Fred Bass.