Goldilocks serves up massive miki bihon

Mini plates have been an enduring trend, but perhaps it’s time for maxi plates? Goldilocks (1606 West Broadway) serves up a massive platter of noodles called miki bihon (also available at the 2833 Main Street location if you preorder). It’s a Filipino dish of sautéed thick Shanghai egg noodles and fine rice noodles with prawns, vegetables, and shredded pork. (It can also be vegetarian or made with chicken on request.) The subtle flavour comes from chicken and pork broth, garlic, onion, soy and fish sauces, and annatto seed. This dish is large enough to split between three people, or two people with big stomachs. And all for $10.25. Sarap!


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Jul 24, 2012 at 8:04pm

Really turned off on food. Everything was microwaved. Dont serve lechon kawali and relyenong bangus on weekends only. Seen food being photographed first before serving to customer. They didn't give suggestions on what customers can order. Not so friendly service except for the bakery side. Its better to go somewhere else for good food.