Aria Usan Troller

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      Ever try to meet people in Vancouver? You’ll have better luck winning Olympic gold for Canada than you will convincing someone to talk to you in a bar. So there you stand, wondering, “Who are all those people I see every time I go to a show?” You’re too shy to ask, so we do it for you.

      Who are you?: “Aria Usan Troller.”

      In my 9-to-5 life I’m: “On sabbatical from the film industry. I’ve endeavoured to pursue my own Fellini-esque world of creating fashion designs that are larger than life, putting fun and whimsy with a touch of naughty into my designs.”

      If you're buying, I’ll have: “Louis Roederer Champagne.”

      The best show I ever saw was: “I’ve seen a number of shows featuring some of our world’s most renowned musicians, so it’s difficult to select one. I would have to pick Peter Gabriel’s 1993 Us tour. By the time we had found our seats they were in the nosebleed section, so I decided I wanted to sit down by the stage. We made our way down, and when we were asked by security where our seats were, we both pointed to the front row where there were two empty seats, and ended up dancing on the stage floor the entire night without any hassle.”

      I wish people would shut up about: “Religion being politics and vice versa. Both seem to have fallen into the perils of corruption and do little if nothing to service the average man, to deliver and secure his dignity, his liberty, or his humanity.”

      The last concert T-shirt I bought was: “At a Nine Inch Nails concert.”¦I think in 2000?”

      In the movie of my life, I’d be played by: “If my ego was met with perfection, it would have to be an edgy Salma Hayek, but with regards to my life and my looks and, above all, my character, I would cast, with the greatest esteem and praise, Ms. Anjelica Huston!”

      Slightly better than drowning in an elevator: “My Casino Royale experience involved a beau from Montreal and a sweet and charming older couple who had a Bob Newhart feel to them. We met them at the blackjack table at the Sands casino in Atlantic City, and they ended up buying us congratulatory drinks. We toasted and sipped and, by that time, my drink had come back up into my glass. Folo—the older woman—found me in the washroom with my feet sticking out of the bottom of the stall. I had a full audience as I was about to be arrested for causing a disturbance and for loitering!”