Mayor Derek Corrigan aims for record in Burnaby

Burnaby mayor Derek Corrigan says his Burnaby Citizens’ Association’s council majority is already “the longest-serving government in B.C.”

“The Socreds governed for 20 years, and we’re at 21 now,” Corrigan told the Straight by phone.

Corrigan said he plans to run again in November, likely against long-time TEAM Burnaby councillor—and one-time BCAer—Lee Rankin, who said: “I am not counting myself in or counting myself out.”

BCA councillor Colleen Jordan said all BCA incumbents—councillors Nick Volkow, Dan Johnston, Pietro Calendino, Sav Dhaliwal and Jordan—plus candidates Paul McDonell, Richard Chang, and Anne Kang will complete the BCA slate.

“If we are elected again this time, we will be the longest-serving socialist government in Canada,” Jordan said. “That will mean longer than the NDP in Saskatchewan.”

Councillors Gary Begin and Garth Evans left TEAM earlier this year and are running for reelection under the new slate Independent Voice.

“In every election in Burnaby there are independents, and they usually get drowned out by the major parties,” Rankin said of the exodus of his council colleagues from TEAM.

Rankin said former Vancouver East Liberal MP Anna Terrana is seeking a council slot and lawyer Iven Tse is after a spot on the school board, both under the TEAM banner.