Biltmore Cabaret back in action

After a flurry of media interest in response to an open letter to Vancouver city councillors by owner Zak Pashak, the Biltmore Cabaret is open for business.

The club was shut down on August 15 for exceeding its maximum occupancy of 352 people and stayed shut when the city demanded architectural drawings and a permit application for cosmetic changes made to the stage in 2007. When the club’s liquor licence was withdrawn at the same time, the future looked bleak.

But Pashak’s letter of August 22, which called the city’s actions “excessive and punitive”, caught the attention of the media. As the Straight went to press last week, Biltmore consultant Clint Moroz was presenting the required paperwork at City Hall. Everything then suddenly changed.

“Before we’d even left, we got a phone call from Victoria saying our liquor licence was reinstated,” Moroz told the Straight, “and while we were in the building, we were given a new business licence.”

The Biltmore was open again for a concert by Lint on August 27. Moroz puts the good news down to “the mysteries of bureaucracy”.