Randy Rampage to get reissue

Being fired from D.O.A. again is by no means the most surprising detail in the recent musical career of bassist Randy Rampage. One of his other bands, metal project Stress Factor 9—formed with former Annihilator drummer Ray Hartmann—is on hold because guitarist Kick is working on the Barack Obama campaign.

“If you look at Obama’s footage, you’ll see Kick in the background there, standing behind Obama on the podium, shaking hands, sitting with his arm around his wife and shit,” Rampage told the Straight. “It’s really quite comical! We saw him on the TV one night. I look up and I see Obama and—”˜There’s my fricking guitar player! What’s going on here?’ It was pretty bizarre.”

The Sick Ones, meanwhile-Rampage, Avengers guitarist Brad “Kunt” Kent, and Zippy Pinhead, who gigged at the Biltmore in July—have no current plans to do another reunion. Fans of Rampage can take heart, however, that original Sick Ones guitarist Benny Doro is currently working on a reissue of Rampage’s 1982 solo album, and has put a version of Rampage’s classic “Livin’ on Borrowed Time”, on his Web site, boasting what is likely the longest guitar solo to come out of Vancouver in the 1980s.