Best Place To Get Your Knives Sharpened

Mr. Sharp

There are some sloppy knife sharpeners in this city. And there are places that sharpen chainsaws and claim that they can also sharpen kitchen knives. Avoid these businesses like the plague. Instead, go to the fabulously decorated apartment of Clarence Phelps (aka Mr. Sharp) and he will obsessively sharpen your blades until you can use them to shave. Before an accident 25 years ago that paralyzed him from the waist down, Phelps was a welder and a mechanic and a bunch of other things, and, apparently, he can fix "anything from a broken car to a broken heart". Go ahead and take your ridiculously neglected kitchen knives to him. He will not laugh or chastise you. He will just fix them and tell you stories and jokes and share his philosophy of life.