Best Film Fest For Plunging You Into Despair And Lifting You Back Up

DOXA Documentary Film Festival

When you're overwhelmed by all the bad news in the world, it can be hard to even open the DOXA program guide. Instead, you might choose to eat ice cream and watch So You Think You Can Dance. Who wants to know about the violence, the political corruption, and the exploitation that the documentaries at DOXA will undoubtedly explore? But we suggest that you try to be brave and pick out some films to see. It will be worth it. The programmers haven't just chosen films that portray the most heartbreaking realities imaginable. They have also picked films that bring beauty and tell a powerful story. This can only make us happier in the end. These inevitably inspire–not in a sucky Disney sense but by showing that people can live through hell and still make art and that small groups can fight back against big evils.