Best Effort To Save Adorable Pincushions

Small Animal Rescue Society of B.C.

Do keep walking the doggies at the SPCA. But have you considered helping a hedgehog? Okay, so you can’t put Shymin, the palm-sized spiny, tiny mammal needing adoption at the Small Animal Rescue Society of B.C., on a leash and leave him outside Capers while you buy broccoli. And you can’t take Mel, Turk, and Boo, an adorable, homeless rat trio, to the beach to chase soccer balls. But the four-year-old volunteer-run SARS (no relation to the respiratory syndrome)—which has found homes for about 1,200 small creatures, from bunnies to budgies to reptiles—says that smart, clean, friendly rats make very cool pets. You can volunteer, donate, or foster little critters for a while. We bet that once you watch your foster rat snoozing in his tiny rat hammock, he’ll be a keeper. And, yes, rats like to cuddle in hands, sit on shoulders, and they never refuse a back scratch.