VIFF 08 Part 2: Long lineups

How do so many people have so much time just to stand around in line?

I've been amazed at how early some of the lineups have been forming at VIFF this year.

On Thursday night, when we attended the gala screening of Blindness, we arrived an hour early, but there wasn't even a lineup designated at that point.

But when I went to Still Walking, the theatre was almost full half an hour before it started. Then today, I stood an hour in the rush line (there were already 50 people before me), but still wasn't able to get into JCVD.

Even lineups for passholder tickets have been forming early.

So your best bet? Buy advance tickets.

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Sep 28, 2008 at 5:24pm

Even with a pass, I spent a mint on tickets for that very reason. I've actually found the line-ups en par with last year though the popular films are always extra busy. Next week will e even busier!