The Town Pants vs. the Wolfman

Folks, there are all kinds of creatures running around this great nation's highways, and if you happen to pilot your vehicle into one of them, there's no reason to believe it's anything supernatural. Still, when I got the following e-mail from the Town Pants, I thought I should share it with you:

Local celt rockers The Town Pants are returning home from a four month long summer tour through the US and Canada. But scarier than the length of that tour was an incident on the New York interstate in the middle of the night. "A couple of guys were asleep in the back and I was up in the passenger seat looking at a map", says bandmember Aaron Chapman "when some animal darted out of the brush and ran right onto the highway." Bandmember Dave Keogh who was driving says, "We had no time to swerve to miss it--we hit it going at full speed and it went under our van and then the gear trailer we were hauling behind us. We were all pretty shocked but wondering what it was we hit, so we pulled over. And walked back on the side of the road to have a look."

Chapman picks up the story. "In the moonlight whatever it was was bigger than a dog, or a coyote. It was a large, hairy all over and yellowish. It might have been a wolf but I've never seen one up close and they're not that big. It was as long as as a tall person. I'm certain this was a werewolf. But I didn't want to get too close. I'm pretty sure it was dead but it was still shaking a bit and I didn't want to get any closer so we ran back into the van and took off. I kept telling everybody afterwards we hit a werewolf."

"20 minutes later we pulled over to gas up, I had a look underneath the front bumper and found some blood and hair strands, so I took a q-tip from my shaving kit, and scraped some of the blood and hair off and put it in a bag. Now that I'm home, I'll figure I can give it to some of my bioscience friends out at UBC and they can test it for me. Maybe they can tell me we hit a werewolf? I know people mocked those Bigfoot people over the summer who said they had found one and kept it in a freezer when it was just a halloween costume they'd stuffed. But this was a real animal, but none I've ever seen before..."

The fearless werewolf killers return home to host Boozapalooza II featuring The Town Pants, Run GMC and Dustin Betnall on Friday November 21st at the Commodore Ballroom.