The Hot List: Halloween Edition

Thursday, October 30
Sex Pumpkin 3 at the Plaza Nightclub
Warlocks, witches, pimps, and bitches are warned to leave their inhibitions at the door. No word yet on whether the Great Pumpkin will be making an appearance at the most inappropriately named party in the city.

Friday, October 31
Dooms Night at the Pacific Coliseum
Party until dawn with 5,000 of your closest friends at this all-ages party. The emphasis here is on scary, not slutty, so leave the French maid’s uniform at home—unless it’s covered in blood.

Friday, October 31
Haunted Halloween Masquerade at the Shark Club
Featuring magicians, psychics, and zombie dancers, this sounds more like our fifth birthday party than the intoxicated shambles it promises to be. Best-costume prizes include a trip to Mexico, where you can try to forget the shame of wearing nothing but lingerie and cat ears in public.

Friday, October 31
Halloween Costume Ball at the Legion (Commercial Drive)
Pole dancers and fire shows? Ms. Pyro, Sinful Sindy, and the Stiletto Storm exotic dancers promise “the sexiest Halloween party in the city”. Obviously they’ve never been to our house for board-games night.

Friday, October 31
Get Up Get Down Halloween Party at Shine
Cash prizes for the top-three costumes ($200, $300, and $500) give you every reason to be more creative than putting a beer box on your head and calling yourself “Beerbox”.

Friday, October 31
Haunted Hospital at the Roxy
Featuring live music by Troys ’R Us and prizes for best costume, this is the perfect place to play doctor this Halloween; just don’t pull your stethoscope out too early.

Friday, October 31
Republic Goes SNL at the Republic
Need a venue to show off your Coneheads costume? With $4,000 in cash and prizes, it’ll almost be worth listening to drunk guys scream “Party on, Wayne!” all night.

Friday, October 31
Dead Man’s Island at Gossip Nightclub (formerly Plush)
Gossip promises lifelike dead bodies hanging from trees and piled in corners at what they’re claiming will be Vancouver’s scariest party.

Friday, October 31
Hits vs. Tits at Pat’s Pub
Forget the Granville Mall clubs and check out this Halloween rock ’n’ roll burlesque featuring the Hits and the Starlet Harlots. The buzz is that there will be a no-holds-barred battle of wits between the two groups; personally, we’re hoping for pudding wrestling.

Saturday, November 1
Sin City Fetish Halloween at Richard’s on Richards
This zombie-themed fetish night requires partygoers to adhere to a strict fetish dress code, with bonus points awarded for following the theme. The best costume of the night gets $500; we’re thinking cross-dressing bondage zombie for the win?

Sunday, November 2
Something Wicked This Way Comes IX at Celebrities
If you’re still in party mode by the end of the weekend, unleash your inner deranged doctor at this hospital/mad scientist/mutant theme party. The best-dressed will go home with $300.