Zack and Miri's Kevin Smith enjoys farting on Vancouver

After I interviewed Kevin Smith about Zack and Miri Make a Porno, I had one request for my editor at the Straight: more space, please.

I scored almost 45 minutes on the phone with Smith and not only is he a great story-teller, with great stories to tell, but I'm a fan. He's smart, rude, funny, and pisses off censors. He's mocked Star Wars sacrilege on screen. Repeatedly. He guest-starred in the latest Die Hard. He's written Daredevil, Spider-Man, and Green Arrow comics and now he's writing a Batman series. The guy even has his own comic book store.

The dude is a true geek's geek.

The first time I interviewed Smith—when he was hustling Dogma at the Toronto International Film Festival—I asked him to sign a copy of Daredevil for me. I've never asked any other filmmaker for an autograph. And I think the last time I asked an actor for a signature I was six. But it wasn't the filmmaking that brought out the fan boy in me—I've interviewed some of the world's finest filmmakers—it was the fact that he'd written Daredevil.

So last year I bought tickets to check out his one-man stand-up question and answer session in Vancouver, "An Evening With Kevin Smith."

And it pained me that I ran out of space to include his comments about that particular show in the story in today's Straight. But I thought maybe one or two more readers might be a bit more interested in how he hooked up with Seth Rogen than in his memories of what made his last Vancouver live show so unique.

But I know blog readers are looking for that little DVD–style extra that isn't in the paper, so here's the missing paragraph for you:


The last time Kevin Smith performed his Q&A show "An Evening With Kevin Smith" in Vancouver in 2007 he received an honourary "Certificate of completion" from the Vancouver Film School and punctuated the evening by farting into the microphone. "It's the only time I ever farted into a microphone, but I'd just eaten a bunch of Mongolian barbeque at that place right over the Cambie street bridge and man, I was gassy. And I was like, I will never have the opportunity to do this and ripped one into the mic. And I remember reading somebody's reaction on-line after the show where they were like, "how basic and stupid do you have to be to fart into a microphone?"

But I'd like to think the show was much more than just that. That was just kind of one moment, but when that happens you've kind of got to seize it," says Smith. "I would love to be eighty years old and be like, "One time I farted into a microphone on stage in front of a thousand people in Vancouver it's just one of those nice memories to have."