TransLink iPhone app on the way

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      Having an iPhone is like having a transit-route map and a pile of bus schedules in your pocket. A month ago, TransLink rolled out an iPhone-specific version of its mobile-phone Web site that lets users bookmark frequently used bus stops for easy access to schedules.

      Now, Vancouver-based Handi Mobility has developed a downloadable TransLink application for the iPhone. Igor Faletski, the CEO of Handi Mobility, told the Straight the free app uses the iPhone's GPS to show users nearby stops and when the next buses are coming. It should be hitting the iTunes App Store any day. A location-aware BlackBerry app is also on the way.




      May 7, 2009 at 4:25pm

      Good to see translink getting on board with technology. They should consider something for my Eee PC!
      I'm not the most intelligent, but I always have an opinion.

      Cool app

      Mar 9, 2010 at 3:18pm

      This is really cool app when on move. If you are at a stop waiting for next bus or in a bus going to take a next translink, you really feel good to know timings and stop details. I hope translink understand people need bus schedules on all stop (which are not present on most of them except major ones). All in all, its blessing to have this. Way to go Translink!!!